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Vsend File Transfer

Vsend API for file transfer and file upload
Vsend provides secure, quick and reliable file transfers for your online services. Make it easy for your users to upload and download big files, with automatic recovery from network failures and efficient resume for interrupted transfers.
Key Benefits
Extensive API for quick and reliable file transfers.
Supports large numbers of files and big file sizes.
Automatic recovery from network failures.
Efficient resume for interrupted transfers.
Secure multi-tier architecture for DMZ configurations.
Easy deployment – no Java.
Fast expert developer support.
Vsend API
Reliable and Secure
Vsend ensures reliable uploads for large numbers of files and big file sizes by monitoring each data packet to ensure it reaches the destination. There's automatic recovery from network failures and when users close their web browser by mistake – no problem with the API for resuming uploads from where they left off. Vsend downloads automatically compress multiple files and folders into a zip file that is streamed back to users through their web browser. Vsend implements its file transfer protocol over HTTP for ease of deployment, with optional SSL packet encryption.
Component Integration
The Vsend file transfer component can be integrated with existing web applications and workflow systems. The API provides extensive control over the user interface and file handling behavior, as well as callbacks for file transfer status updates. Vsend can be deployed as a replacement for traditional FTP servers with anonymous or client authenticated web applications. Advanced Vsend integrations can include customer self-registration, job ticket forms, Vproof online proofing with preflight and automated production through prepress workflow systems.
Vsend Upload Progress