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Vproof - Online Proofing for DAM Integration
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Color Accurate Online Proofing Products

Vproof - Online Proofing for DAM Integration

Vproof API online soft proofing
Vproof adds high performance online proofing to your web applications and workflow systems. Give users the powerful tools they need to collaborate in real time on a wide range of file formats, including document, image, audio, video and 3D—with rich text annotations, custom approval states, revision comparison and many more advanced proofing tools.

Key Benefits
HTML5 online proofing client for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android.
Touch support for tablets, touch displays and hybrid devices.
Extensive API for online proofing and collaboration.
Secure and scalable multi-tier server architecture.
Supports heavy concurrent usage loads.
Takes full advantage of 64-bit hardware and virtualization.
True PDF rendering with the Adobe PDF Library.
Compare file revisions with automatic alignment.
Easy deployment – no Java.
Automated migration from Kodak RealTimeProof (RTP) Partner and Smart Review System (SRS).
Fast expert developer support.
Vproof API online proofing
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Ease of Use
The Vproof user interface is designed to be easily adopted by new users while also providing the advanced functionality required by power users. Various aspects of the user interface can be controlled by user roles and document settings. Vproof makes it easy to navigate through documents with mouse wheel zooming, marquee panning in the navigation panel, page turning, choosing pages from a thumbnail filmstrip and keyboard shortcuts.
Collaboration and Approval
The approval workflow is flexible, with document-based approval and user access control, including ad hoc approval cycles: Vlinks allow users without registered accounts to proof specific documents with an optional password and expiration date. Vproof provides sophisticated annotation features. Users collaborating on the same document see each other's color-coded rectangle, oval or freehand annotations in real time and can create conversations by replying to or commenting on existing annotations. Convert ink density and font information readings as well as ruler measurements to annotations with a single click. Sort the annotations by page, date or user. Set the time zone and date format for each user to facilitate collaboration around the country and around the world. Users can also show, hide and minimize annotations and set a configurable annotation status.
Vproof Reader Spread View
Advanced Proofing
Vproof includes a wide range of advanced proofing features, including the ability to view trim and bleed, rotate the image, measure with rulers and guides and extract the font name and font size. Preview color separations including spot colors and take ink density readings. ICC color profiles and white point adjustments can be applied through the integrated Adobe Color Engine. Device Link Profiles are also supported for direct conversion between device color spaces. Create rich text annotations with multiple marks, symbols and hyperlinks. The print feature allows users to print their current view or the complete page, and to generate a report including file images, approvals and annotations.
Vproof supports more than 60 languages, including right-to-left languages, and displays dates in the client's time zone and format.
Vproof Artwork View
The Vproof HTML5 client supports tablets, touch displays and hybrid devices and accepts multi-touch gestures for pinch to zoom, drag to pan, swipe to change pages and freehand draw to annotate. Users can view all annotations for a file and tap to visit the corresponding pages. Reply to annotations, create new ones, view approvals and set an approval state with a comment. Measure with rulers, take ink density readings, get the font information and generate reports.
Vproof iPad and iPhone real-time proofing
Compare Revisions
Compare view allows users to see changes between different revisions of their files. They can view annotations that were made on earlier revisions and ensure that corresponding fixes were made to subsequent revisions. The annotation, approval and advanced proofing tools are available for both revisions. Compare provides four viewing modes: Toggle, Difference Only, Difference Overlay and Relative Difference, where the changes are highlighted in shades of bright green according to the degree of difference in the changes. Vproof also offers advanced compare with automatic alignment for comparing revisions that are offset or set to different scales.
Vproof Compare and automatic alignment
Vproof integrates with Enfocus PitStop Server for PDF document preflight and auto-correction. Files are processed based on preconfigured preflight profile settings. Vproof displays the areas of the document that are affected by preflight warnings, errors and automatic fixes.
High Performance Architecture
We offer two web clients: one is built using HTML5 and the other is built using Microsoft Silverlight technology. Both web clients offer advanced interactive and pre-caching algorithms for a refined user experience. Vproof has an extensible rendering architecture that integrates many technologies, including Adobe PDF Library, Adobe Normalizer, Microsoft Office and video conversion. Rendering is scalable across multiple processing engines and distributed servers.
Vproof Preflight
File Formats
Vproof supports a wide range of source file formats including:
Document: PDF, EPS and PS
Microsoft Office: Word, Excel and PowerPoint
Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
Audio MP3
Video: 3G2, 3GP, AVI, FLV, M4V, MKV, MOV, MP4, MPEG, MPG, TS, VOB and WMV
SWF Interactive Adobe Flash
Vproof Video