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Color Accurate Online Proofing Products

Vproof ColorMatch: Color accurate soft proofing for print, monitor, display and screen calibration

Color accurate soft proofing.
ColorMatch is a technology module that can be added to Vproof API and Vera for a color-accurate online proofing solution. ColorMatch is flexible: it accommodates a variety of color management processes and supports a wide range of displays and calibration devices.
Key Benefits
Color-accurate online proofing.
Supports displays from Eizo, NEC, BenQ, Apple and others.
Profile and calibrate with devices and software from X-Rite, Kodak, Eizo, NEC and BenQ.
Enforce display calibration and process control: only allow approvals when the Delta-E is current and within its target range.
Log an audit trail of color approvals, including Delta-E values.
Compare different ICC profiles on the same file in Compare View.
Mike Rodriguez, Ph.D.
Color Scientist

Dr. Mike Rodriguez represents Viki as our Color Scientist. Mike brings 26 years of color management experience from RR Donnelley, including a deep understanding of color theory, standards and process control.

Throughout his career at RR Donnelley, Mike was immersed in digital technology development and served as chief color scientist across the company’s prepress and printing platforms. He was a trusted advisor to many of the company's major customers and continues to be an advocate for industry color standards through active participation in SWOP, GRACoL, ISO/TC 130, CGATS, ICC and IDEAlliance. He has been a key contributor to modern color management methodologies and a developer of many reference print characterizations that are in wide use today.
Color-Accurate Proofs
ColorMatch provides color-accurate proofs for PDF and TIFF files. The embedded color management engine performs color transformations based on the target and monitor ICC profiles and offers a host of configuration parameters for maximum flexibility and control over your processes.
Flexible Hardware and Software Support
ColorMatch is compatible with all high quality displays that can be profiled and calibrated with X-Rite i1Profiler or vendor-supplied software such as Eizo ColorNavigator or NEC SpectraView. These tools provide user friendly setup and verification of local or remote display quality, uniformity and validation.
Process Control and Audit Trail
Enforce color-accurate approvals for final artwork or work in progress. Each time a user sets an approval state, the system ensures the display's Delta-E is current and within its target range. The user can only set an approval state if their display meets your standard for accurate color matching. The system logs a report of the monitor quality for every approval in a central database resulting in a color-accurate audit trail.
Color accurate soft proofing