Viki Solutions' Vproof Online Proofing Integrated with OpenText Media Management to Optimize Approval Workflows


Viki Solutions announces that OpenText has successfully integrated the Vproof remote proofing and approval tool with OpenText Media Management to accelerate creative review of digital content.

Victoria, Canada – February 24, 2015 – Viki Solutions is pleased to announce that OpenText™, a global leader in Enterprise Information Management (EIM), has successfully integrated Viki Solutions' Vproof remote proofing and approval tool into the OpenText Media Management solution. This integration will increase user productivity by enhancing collaboration and accelerating the review and approval of digital assets across multiple content delivery channels and media platforms within organizations. The development affirms Viki Solutions' role as a strategic technology partner in the OpenText solution ecosystem working together to advance EIM offerings.
OpenText Media Management is a world-class enterprise Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution that provides secure, cost-effective control of project assets throughout an enterprise. Designed to connect the people, processes and technologies in creative, business and operational workflows, OpenText Media Management features a comprehensive toolbox of sophisticated applications to help users manage, curate and automate the entire digital asset lifecycle. OpenText integrated Vproof into Media Management to deliver advanced online content annotation, review and approval functionality in their DAM solution.
"Viki Solutions' Vproof is a sophisticated tool for online proofing and approval. Vproof is uniquely able to enhance OpenText's comprehensive workflow, management and automation requirements to allow creative teams to more quickly and easily manage the review, approval, processing and sharing of digital assets such as images, documents, videos and audio files in brand, creative, marketing and business workflows," said Lubor Ptacek, Vice President of Product Marketing at OpenText. Ptacek continued, "Vproof is not only powerful – the extensive APIs and HTML5 based technology made it easy to integrate as well."
Vproof helps provide internal and external stakeholders with an unparalleled online collaboration experience featuring advanced proofing tools for quality controls, resource checks, markup and approvals. All activities throughout the review process are tracked in a complete audit trail, enabling real-time access to critical project information required to improve decision-making and help eliminate confusion on rework. Enhanced project communication and records management accelerate digital asset design, review, selection, delivery and reuse to streamline workflows and make employees, suppliers and customers more productive.
"OpenText is a world leader in business process, digital asset and enterprise content management solutions. We're honored that they selected Viki Solutions as a key partner to enhance their EIM portfolio," said Afshin Mirmotahari, CEO of Viki Solutions. "Vproof's support for the latest technologies, its powerful API and extensive customization options make it a perfect fit to enhance the OpenText Media Management process collaboration and task automation." Mirmotahari adds, "We have been working very closely with OpenText and the relationship has been exceptional. We look forward to ensuring that new functionality, integration points and automation developments in Vproof are aligned to advance the needs of OpenText users."
Vproof is at the forefront in the next generation of web applications for online proofing and collaboration. Built leveraging cutting-edge technologies like HTML5, Vproof delivers unprecedented speed without the issues associated with legacy code or plug-ins – resulting in exceptional performance, simple IT deployment and straightforward user acceptance. Vproof supports a wide range of web browsers on Mac, Windows, Android and iOS, including touch support for tablets, touch displays and hybrid devices.
By assisting teams to optimize and accelerate project collaboration and approvals from integrated systems, Vproof plays a key role in helping OpenText Media Management deliver on the promise of EIM solutions: enabling reduced project timelines, shorter time to market and greater responsiveness to meet customer expectations.
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