At Viki, we specialize in building advanced, responsive and high performance online proofing and approval workflow products. Here are the latest highlights from our current and upcoming releases.

In this issue, you'll find:
  • Preview of Vproof 4.0
    • Adaptive HTML5 Proofing
    • 3D Proofing in Vproof HTML
  • What's New in Vproof 3.2
    • Compare Automated Alignment
    • ColorMatch BenQ Monitor Support
    • Reference File Linking
    • More APIs and Features
  • What's New in Vera 3.2
    • Deep Integration with Prepress Workflows
    • Kickstart your Workflow with Tasks and Automation
    • New Drag-and-Drop HTML5 File Uploader
  • New Product Trial

Preview of Vproof 4.0

Adaptive HTML5 Proofing

We've had easy-to-use, adaptive HTML proofing all along; now we're making it even smarter and more capable with advanced compare, ink density readings, color separation viewing and reporting. Our proofing technology works on Mac, Windows, iOS and Android platforms and supports multi-touch tablets, laptops and displays. There is no client installation, and you don't need any apps or browser plug-ins. It just works.

3D Proofing in Vproof HTML

Imagine how great it would be if you could manipulate a package and see every corner and angle—all from the convenience of your web browser. Now you can add depth and another dimension to your online proofing with our new 3D module. Spin, zoom, pan and annotate right on the package—it's almost as good as holding it in your hands. Supported files are 3D PDF and a wide range of CAD formats. 

What's New in Vproof 3.2

Compare Automated Alignment

Align files that are offset with Vproof's new PDF automated alignment so you can quickly compare and see differences between revisions highlighted in bright green. With just two clicks, the Vproof server detects the corresponding PDF vector objects and determines their exact offset, making it easy to spot the differences between revisions. 

ColorMatch BenQ Monitor Support

Our ColorMatch module now supports the BenQ PG2401PT ProGraphics monitor, which delivers excellent value for color-accurate online proofing.  ColorMatch also supports displays and calibration devices from X-Rite, Kodak, Eizo, NEC and Apple.

Reference File Linking

Link your proof file to supporting documents like research studies, legal opinions and marketing instructions right in Vproof.  Use the reference files feature to back up your claims and meet regulatory requirements.

More APIs and Features

Our partners requested them so we built them. Delivering APIs, tools and features is what we do best, and it's just one of the benefits of a Viki partnership. 

We added multiple application server scalability, annotation auto-zoom and pan, approval task locking, view trim and bleed boxes, download proof file preview, transparent image backgrounds and more than 40 new API, configuration and product options.

What's New in Vera 3.2

Deep Integration with Prepress Workflows

Provide a superior customer portal to your prepress workflow system, including Kodak Prinergy Connect, Powerpack and Evo, Esko Automation Engine and Fujifilm XMF.  Sync jobs and files for customer approval with integrated Enfocus PitStop and Prinergy preflight, color management, trapping and Prinergy Rules-Based Automation (RBA).

Kickstart your Workflow with Tasks and Automation

Vera offers all of Vproof's advanced proofing tools, plus flexible user access control and task-based approval routing.  Completely customize the look and feel of your customer experience with the configurable portal branding, customer services, user roles and email notification.  Create tasks with due dates and initiate single and multi-step workflows that route files for review and approval.

New Drag-and-Drop HTML5 File Uploader

Upload files into jobs and customer drives (FTP replacement) with Vera's new HTML5 file uploader.  Send files with ease using drag-and-drop on the Mac and Windows.

New Product Trial

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