At Viki Solutions, we're working hard to build you the latest and greatest proofing and approval workflow technology. Now, it's time for us to let you what we've been up to.

In this issue, you'll find information about:
  • Color-accurate online proofing
  • Benefits of a Viki partnership

Color-accurate online proofing

Viki welcomes Dr. Mike Rodriguez, Color Scientist

Obtaining a good match between what you see on screen and what is printed is the culmination of the best color processes and online proofing technology. At Viki, we provide the technology you need to implement standards, control processes and deploy color-managed workflows.

We're excited to announce that Dr. Mike Rodriguez will represent Viki in his new role as our Color Scientist. Mike brings 26 years of color management experience from RR Donnelley, including a deep understanding of color theory, standards and process control.

Throughout his career at RR Donnelley, Mike was immersed in digital technology development and served as chief color scientist across the company's prepress and printing platforms. He was a trusted advisor to many of the company's major customers and continues to be an advocate for industry color standards through active participation in SWOP, GRACoL, ISO/TC 130, CGATS, ICC and IDEAlliance. He has been a key contributor to modern color management methodologies and a developer of many reference print characterizations that are in wide use today.

Looking ahead in color science

With Mike's close connection to bleeding edge color science, Viki is looking to the future of color science and industry standards. We're in tune with the latest activities of standards groups and we're implementing these standards with our ColorMatch technology.

Viki introduces ColorMatch technology

Combine the best color management processes with the highest performance online proofing technology to get the closest color match. Introducing Viki's ColorMatch technology, a new module for color-accurate online proofing with Vproof API and Vera.

Color-accurate proofs for PDF and TIFF files
Supports displays from Eizo, NEC, Apple and others
Profile and calibrate with devices and software from X-Rite, Eizo and NEC
Enforce process control and log an audit trail

For more information about ColorMatch, visit our website.

Benefits of a Viki partnership

We offer a partnership for integration and growth

Viki Solutions is a software technology partner for online proofing and custom workflow—we integrate our products with your brand management, MRM, DAM, MIS, packaging and prepress workflow systems. Our products are white-label branded for a complete and powerful under-the-hood integration. Plus, we back it all up with expert support and rapid feature delivery. We offer more than just a product; we offer a technology partnership that makes you stronger and adds value to your offerings.

 Viki Solutions has truly partnered with us. They understand our needs and respond promptly to help us satisfy our customers' needs."

~ Maria Dubuc, Owner and Director of Workflow by Design

Vproof API integration featured in Workflow by Design case study

Read the full case study to see how Workflow by Design has successfully integrated Vproof API with their existing workflow, and how they benefit from their technology partnership with Viki.

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