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April 2011
Vproof API 2.0 developer preview available now!
We know you've been waiting for it and we've got a preview ready! The new Vproof API 2.0 introduces a slew of changes that we're sure you'll get excited about. We've highlighted our top 5 new features here and you can read more about the Vproof API advantages.
Vproof on iPad and iPhone
Visit our demo site for a taste of what's available and be sure to contact us for more details. We'll make the Vproof API 2.0 release available to the wide world in May.
Sneak peek: top new features
1.Easy migration
Migration from Kodak RealTimeProof Partner or Kodak Smart Review System to Vproof is a snap. We've had clients up and running in a day! What's more, your customers will be at ease in our UI.
2.Exceptional annotations
Collaborate with more sophistication than ever before: "converse" with threaded annotations, set color-coding for each user, sort and minimize annotations, and set the time zone and date format.
3.iPad and iPhone support
We've enhanced the capabilities of our HTML5-compatible client. View all annotations and tap on them to visit the corresponding pages, reply to annotations and draw new ones, and set your approval state and comment.
4.Printing choices
Opt to print one, all, only annotated or a range of pages using your current view or the full image. Include approval and annotation summaries and preview before printing.
5.User-friendly environment
Get your customers up and running in no time at all with our intuitive UI. See what you want to see and hide the rest.
Up next
Proofing multi-media with our virtual proofing tools, Microsoft SharePoint integration, additional workflow software compatibility … These are just some of the exciting new features that we've got planned for the road ahead.
Team update
Amalia Colussi joined Viki Solutions as Communications Coordinator. Think you'd be a good fit with the Viki Solutions team? Explore our Careers page to find out more.
Viki Solutions
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Viki Solutions turns 1!
Viki Solutions Birthday
Viki birthday celebration
Viki team members, from left to right – top: Brent and Afshin; centre: Ann and Bill; bottom: Luke, Peter and Alison. Missing: Amalia.
Among other things in the past 365.25 days, we put out Vproof 1.0, and our first major update, 1.1 (with 2.0 waiting in the wings); developed partnerships with Enfocus and Printable; brought in iPad and iPhone support; attended Chicago's Graph Expo; and grew our team by over 35%. And then there was our speedy deployment of custom components to Transcontinental Printing. As you can see from our Vproof API 2.0 release info, above, we're not slowing down! We're looking forward to another exciting year living our mantra: "have fun, be well, make money".
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