Demo Videos
Demo Videos
We continually enhance our products with new features and modules. Watch our demo videos to get started, learn what's new and see how to use specific product features. We're always adding new videos, so be sure to check back often.
HTML5 Text Annotations (0:40)
Use the text annotation tool to select text in PDF and Microsoft Office documents and save it as an annotation. Save time typing and ensure accuracy with the text annotation tool, which is available in Vproof HTML, version 4.6.
HTML5 Online Proofing Client with Touch Support is Here! (3:50)
Vproof version 4—built completely in HTML5—delivers lightning fast performance, cross-platform support and intelligent tools for proofing multimedia, packaging and print files.
Getting Started in Vproof API 3 (7:12)
Vproof provides an API that integrates with your existing web applications and workflow systems. Watch this video to learn more about Vproof's proofing and approval features.
What's New in Vproof API 3 (5:18)
We've added a number of new features to Vproof that will make proofing files even easier and more efficient. Watch this video to learn more about what's new in Vproof API 3.
PDF Report Generation in Vproof API 3 (4:14)
Watch this video to learn how to generate PDF proof reports in Vproof. Customize the report by selecting the report type and which elements you want to include.
Video Proofing in Vproof API 3 (4:51)
Add the licensable video proofing module to start proofing video files. Watch this video to learn how to view and annotate video files in Vproof.
Multi-Mark Annotations in Vproof API 3 (2:56)
Create multiple marks for a single annotation comment, either on the same page or across multiple pages. Use multi-marks in all supported file formats including video proofing.